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The Kim Komando Show

The Land of Khuzama

The Planets Epoch 2000

Nine Worlds

The Weekly Universe

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Hi-tech television show. High Def- Digital-Dolby Surround

Animated children's feature concerning the environment.

Travel to the planets. Narrated by Patrick Stewart. In THX.

Travel to the planets. Multimedia narrated by Patrick Stewart. In THX.

Astronomy-based television show. High Def- Digital-Dolby Surround

The Bickersons CLC TV

A.I. Wonderland

Black Sun


Pilot based on original radio show. High Def- Digital-Dolby Surround

Logo and incidental music for CLC-TV

Multimedia Adventure of Alice in 'Cyber' Wonderland.

Multimedia Space Adventure.

Interactive based on the Anime series.

The Little King

The Planets 2000 and Beyond

Dreams of the Rainforest

Snapperhead - Synergy


The story of the nativity for children.

Audio CD. Soundtrack to Nine Worlds

Audio CD. New age with Rainforest theme.

Audio CD.  Dance - electronica.

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