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What people in the industry are saying about Brad Spitz Productions.

"Dear Brad,

It was a pleasure working with you on our production of "The Land of Khuzama". Your music enhanced the animation, bringing lightness and drama to the picture from beginning to end.


Ted Woolery
Executive Producer Playhouse Pictures

From Calypso to Bach, range of Brad Spitz is astounding. I've had some very off the wall requests for music and can say I've not only been surprised but blown away by his compositions and solutions.  

Brad has worked with LCL: from it's humble beginnings. His consumate professionalism and incredible inventiveness has added that extra shine to our games that allowed us to compete with the big boys. The principles at LCL know the music matters. Brad Spitz Productions delivers.  

Tim Lennane 
Macross Interactive 
AI Wonderland 

"Brad is a very talented, multifaceted musician. I believe he's created a work of extraordinary beauty that will out live all of us." ("The Planets-2000 and Beyond") 

Don Barrett 
Patrick Stewart Narrates The Planets-BMG 
Nine Worlds-Palladium Interactive 
From Here to Infinity-Paramount 
Many others 

Dear Industry Professional,  

I would like to give my personal recommendation of Brad Spitz Productions for any of your music production needs. I know both Brad Spitz and Bryan Tari personally and find them to be highly creative, able and professional individuals as well as wonderful musicians. 

I am certain we will soon see these gentlemen ranked among the best in our business.  


Sid Smith 
Miss Universe 
Circus of the Stars 
Bob Hope Christmas Special 
Many others  

"When Palladium started the Nine Worlds project, I knew that the viewer's experience would be greatly enhanced by an updated adaptation of Holst's 'The Planets.' Don Barrett, the director of the video in the Nine Worlds CD-ROM, recommended Brad Spitz and Bryan Tari to produce the score. Not having worked with them before, I decided to give them a chance, and I'm glad that I did. I knew after the first rough cut that these guys knew what they were doing, and thereafter they continued to exceed my expectations. Ultimately Brad and Bryan worked diligently to deliver the music on time, within budget, and to specifications. All along, in spite of the large scope and tight schedule, they were open to Don's and my direction, and turned in pieces that were professionally executed and esthetically on target. After this experience, I can recommend Brad Spitz Productions for scoring not only interactive entertainment, but film and video projects as well."  

Steven Horowitz 
Nine Worlds 
Many others  

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